The commitment and passion we have for providing fresh and delicious food for our clients is extended to our franchisees. With more than 40 years of experience in opening, growing and developing franchises, our team will guide you through each step of the franchising process. We provide personal, and not virtual, attention and support. We are committed to ensuring your operational excellence.

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A Dinamic Franchise

A Versatile Operation

From end caps, food court and inline to stand alone units, airports and universities, our concept is adaptable to your needs. We provide training and support through opening your restaurant and the on ongoing support in every aspect.

Pre-Opening Support
We work with you to find your ideal location and type of restaurant. We conduct a market feasibility study and put you in touch with experts in business planning, real estate, construction and financing.
Our purchasing team works with our established network of suppliers and distributors to obtain the best quality equipment, food products and inventory items at the best price.
Operational Training
This is where we excel and where we have a proven business model! We provide hands-on training prior to opening, to employees as well as ongoing training and support.
Personalize Support is Our Secret Ingredient

Our Operations team will begin working well before your store opens to help ensure that everything is 100% ready to go when your doors open. Prior to the opening, we will send an opening specialist to provide additional direct training and support. After your store opens, one of our franchise specialists will visit your store on an ongoing basis to provide support and feedback to ensure that your store is operating in accordance with Taco Maker Mexican Grill Brand Standards and to share with you the experiences of the best operators in the chain. Specifically, our training includes:

  • Pre-opening management training
  • Food preparation and safety training
  • Complete operations manual
  • Crew training in restaurant
  • Ongoing training classes, meetings and support
franchise taco maker mexica grill

Ongoing and Aggressive

Marketing and Advertising

Our franchisees enjoy the benefits of our ongoing and aggressive marketing as well as customized marketing plans designed to support successful restaurant openings and maintain awareness. You would work with us and our dedicated marketing agency on a regular basis to coordinate and execute local marketing initiatives.

Our Marketing team is here to help you plan and execute marketing programs on a local and regional level. We assist with developing campaigns, promotions, specials as well as run regional advertising, social media channels, public relations and direct marketing.

To create a stronger customer connection with the brand and help gain their loyal, we conduct marketing such as:

  • Social media on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google
  • Point-of-purchase material
  • Direct mailers and printed ad
  • Disruptive and viral PR
  • Mobile marketing
  • Text program
franchise taco maker mexica grill
franchise taco maker mexica grill
franchise taco maker mexica grill

Become a Franchisee

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